Nashville Airport Police made an arrest at Nashville International Airport on Monday, after uncovering more than 80 pounds of marijuana in a piece of luggage, Fox News reports.

The arrest occured after a drug-sniffing dog named Havoc alerted officers to the bags that were arriving on a flight from San Francisco. The bags were then sent to baggage claim, where the suspect, 26-year-old Julian Gioffre picked them up. Police identified him because his name was on the luggage, and when officers asked to check the bags, he said he didn’t have the key for the locks.

TSA officers opened the bags, which contained 87 pounds of weed, alongside 34 grams of THC gummies in Gioffre’s backpack. He was arrested on a felony drug charge, with his bond set at $75,000.

“In addition to FREE masks to fight COVID-19 we also have FREE rides to Metro booking when K-9 Havoc smells you landing at BNA,” Doug Kreulen, president and CEO of Nashville International Airport, tweeted.

Just a few days before, police discovered someone else with over 80 pounds of marijuana in their luggage at the airport. On Sept. 23, a dog also alerted officers to the two bags, which contained 85 pounds of marijuana.