Police boat and helicopter in 5-hour pursuit of drug traffickers.

A POLICE boat and helicopter chased drug traffickers for five hours before making five arrests and seizing more than 2,000 kilos of hashish near Cartegena.

The joint operation was carried out by the National Police and officials from the Tributary Agency, in a pursuit that continued for 100 nautical miles.

In a statement, the authorities said “the arrested tried to get rid of the drug substance by throwing the bales overboard”.

The boat, 14 meters long with two motors and manned by five individuals, was sotted 80 km off the coast of Cartagena, approaching the beaches of Valencia “with the purpose of unloading the hashish bales”.

“The joint and coordinated action in the high sea allowed the officials of Customs Surveillance to rescue the thrown hashish, and approach the fast boat to arrest its five occupants.”

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