Police Arrest Two on Yacht with 680 Kilos of Hashish

Spanish National Police reported the arrest of two individuals off the coast of Spain carrying nearly 700 kilograms of hashish from Morocco.

National Police conducted a raid on a yacht, where the hashish was discovered stowed in 30 canisters of gasoline. In a brief video, investigators can be seen drilling into the containers and extracting large bundles of the cannabis product.

According to Spanish officials, the latest arrest was part of an ongoing operation, as authorities worked to dismantle a transnational drug smuggling ring operating in the area. In previous raids against the criminal network, police arrested twelve individuals and recovered 843 kilograms of hashish.

Police reported the investigation began over two years ago, after reports of a hashish smuggling gang operating from Costa del Sol, southern Spain. The gang reportedly consisted of individuals of “Franco-Moroccan origin,” according to Spanish media. The group primarily focused on moving the contraband from Morocco to Spain in yachts to avoid detection from patrolling law enforcement.

Source:  https://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2021/09/344298/police-arrest-two-on-yacht-with-680-kilos-of-hashish

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