He’s doubly bad,  he’s selling weed and  he’s concerned about the environment – that just won’t do !

Malaga police said the man had been selling hashish from an electric scooter.

The arrest took place after police allegedly found the man riding an electric scooter near Vialia without a helmet, catching the attention of two local plainclothes policemen present in the area.

Police said the man stopped his vehicle and started chatting with a man, to whom he showed a brown substance that he pulled from his sock.

According to one publication, the officers decided to intervene on suspicion that it was a hashish pass.

However, once police began talking to the pair, the alleged buyer told officers that no type of transaction had taken place, so he was able to leave.

Police officers found that the substance carried by the scooter driver, of Moroccan nationality, was hashish, with police saying the man used the electric scooter to sell the drugs and move around the city.

The officers arrested the suspect for an alleged crime against public health.

Police Arrest Malaga Man Found Selling Hashish from Electric Scooter