Lancaster  Farmaing reports

On this week’s podcast, we talk to Dr. Joyce Harman, a veterinarian practicing in Flint Hill, Virginia, who specializes in equine health.

Dr. Harman has been using hemp as a supplement in horses’ diets for nearly 30 years. She began adding hemp seed oil to horses’ diets in the 1990s. She says that the high omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients in hemp oil are extremely beneficial to the health of horses, especially for skin diseases and immune issues.

Now that hemp is legal to produce in the United States, Harman is able to source hemp domestically, and now besides hemp oil, she’s able to supplement horses’ diets with hemp seed too. She is also a proponent of using CBD for equine health, especially in treating horses with PTSD.

We also talk to Scott Bille from Sustainability Now, a group that is petitioning the organizers of Farm Aid to focus on Industrial Hemp at this year’s benefit concert.