According to announcements released by Plain Jane, this online retailer of  CBD products has added CBD hemp cigarettes to its marketplace.

Here’s the blurb…..

The pre-rolled cigarettes treat CBD lovers who seek a quality, pleasurable, and beneficial smoking experience without having to roll a blunt or a cigarette. The CBD cigarettes are an excellent alternative for tobacco cigarette smokers looking for a way to get rid of the habit.

These low-smell CBD cigarettes are an excellent experience for seasoned smokers as well as those who wish to enjoy the benefits of hemp in a relaxing or invigorating manner. Smokers can choose from mild and full-bodied flavor profiles. The cigarettes by Plain Jane are 100% hemp and do not contain any nicotine.

The menthol hemp pre-rolls are crafted from a mix of Elektra, Lifter, and Sour Space Candy CBD hemp flower for a smooth, flavorful smoke. The hemp pre-rolls are wrapped in a high-quality filtered cigarette rice paper, and they burn in an even manner.

The full flavor hemp pre-rolls from Plain Jane are not processed to create a milder profile and are loved by those who prefer a more robust smoking experience. Its flavor profile is a mix of herbal, pine, minty, fruity, and peppery flavors.

Discreet smokers have taken in a big way to the low odor hemp pre-rolls by Plain Jane. They contain the same blend of hemp but possess a mellower profile because they do not carry the typical “hemp” odor.

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