One to amuse the kids !

Remember back when you were a kid and your parents used to lecture you on the negative consequences of drug use? Well, if you’re like me, you probably grew up believing that weed was quite literally the devil’s lettuce, only to smoke a joint on your Year 12 Schoolies trip and realise your destiny as a full-blown stoner.

But as a result of recent conversations with my friends, it has become apparent to me that most of our parents (you know, the ones that convinced us that smoking one joint would literally end your life) were – and often still are – certified bong lords. And trust me, the only thing better than finding out your ‘rents love a cheeky joint is the stories of how people found out.

So, if you’re battling a nasty second-day hangover on this fine Monday morning and need something to inject some serotonin straight into your brain, I thought I’d compile some of the best stories of people finding out their parents were bong lords.

For obvious legal reasons (and so my mates don’t get banned from family Christmas), names have been removed.

For starters, we’ve got this submission, which makes me think that Healthy Harold was probably also a giant bong lord.

“My dad was super into mushrooms/LSD/weed/speed and he always talks about it when he has one too many beers,” one person told me, adding that their dad was also a school principal.

As it turns out, multiple people said their parents left subtle hints that took literal decades for them to understand.

“Dad’s favourite song was Because I Got High and favourite movie was Half Baked. Somehow it took me 24 years to realise,” one person said.

“My dad had a set of beautiful scales that I used to play with that were to “count his blessings”, it took me years to click on,” another added.

And let’s not forget my friend who only knew what weed smelled like because it was basically her uncle’s Eau De Parfum.

“It was my uncle, but the first time I ever smelt weed at a friend’s house I was like “hey, this place smells like my uncle.” And that’s when I realised he loves the bong life,” she said.

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