The News reports…..Islamabad : In a massive crackdown against narcotics dealers, the federal capital police have attested three police personnel involved in drug dealing and recovered heavy quantity of hashish and ‘garda’.

Two cops were deployed at Ramna police station while the third was at Safe City 15. The Ramna police have registered two first information reports (FIR) under section 9/C of CNSA against the three police officials involved in drug dealing and police teams have been sent to various areas to arrest third police official who have escaped from the scene during the crackdown.

The top police hierarchy was informed by their secret system that police personnel were found involved in drug dealing and they were working for drug barons of the city. The informers also indicated that the police personnel of Ramna police station and other sections of the police departments served for drug dealers and they themselves were involved in the drugs pushing.

IGP Islamabad and DIG (Operations) asked the relevant police to confirm and deal with the case secretly. The SHO Ramna, consequently, constituted raiding teams for the surveillance and arrested the cops embroiled in drug pushing. The raiding team were kept raiding for action after getting information from the informer.

First FIR (No 123/19) lodged with the Ramna police station said that the informer indicated the team that two cops have left to deliver the drugs to parties. Meanwhile, the raiding police saw two cops carrying shopping bags were running towards west of G-11 Markaz. The police followed them and intercepted them. One of them escaped from the scene while the other was held by the police, who was identified as constable of police (No. 2989) Shahnawaz son of Mahammad Ramzan hailing from Tausa Sharif, Dera Ghazi Khan. The cop managed to escape from the scene was identified as Nishat Ahmad (No. 247) deployed in Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC). The police recovered 1.210 kilogram hashish from their custody.