The members of Sindhi Shagird Tahreek (SST) on Friday held a large rally and protests against increased usage and selling of drugs by youngsters in the city.

The protesters chanted slogans in favor of their demands holding large anti-drug usage banners,here at Jinnah Bagh.

SST’s district organizer Shuaib Noonari, Sandeep Kumar, Bilawal Jatoi and others said that social evils have gripped the young men of our society, as the black business of selling hashish, cannabis, opium, heroin, liquor and so forth is constantly rising in Larkana district and most of the young boys in the district have become drug addicts.

They said police officers claim that they are holding strict surveillance at the entry points of the district, but still these drugs make their way into the district from other provinces. The protestors demanded that this matter must be thoroughly investigated.

Accusing the police, the protestors said that instead of conducting anti-drug operations against the criminals the police have become part of this dirty business and are minting earning big bucks from the criminals. The protestors demanded that the police must be held accountable. They further alleged that this black trade is continuing openly at hotels, open places and almost everywhere which should be checked and wiped-out to save the young generation.

The protestors noted that the civil society is extremely worried about their loved ones, and demanded Sindh High Court, IGP, DIGP and others to take immediate actions against drug dens, their facilitators and supporters.