Peshawar    –  Khyber Pakhtunkwa police have seized 22.18 ton narcotics in various search operations across the province during 2020.

The annual performance report reveals that KP police seized 18833kg hashish, 967.446kg heroin, 114.337kg opium and 208kg ice drugs in the year. Besides, police also seized 46318 bottles of liqour. 

The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police also arrested 370 terrorists during various operations across the province in this year.

The CTD police annual performance report revealed that 34.73kg explosive material, 87 hand grenades, 05 suicide jackets, 02 RPG, 438 detonators and 23 SMG were recovered in 2020.

Khyber Pakthunkhwa police also arrested a total of 19010 proclaimed offenders  in various search and strike operation in all district of the province.Similarly, police seised 2050 rifles, 6171 shot guns, 34265 pistols, 2844 klashnikovs, 464 kalakov, 206 hand grenades, 1371054 rounds, 1957 detonators, 2232 dynamites and 4 bombs.