Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) has seized 6748.339 kg narcotics valuing US$ 234.325 million internationally, arrested 26 culprits including one foreigner and impounded 15 vehicles while conducting 23 counter-narcotics strikes throughout the country

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 29th Apr, 2021 ) :Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) has seized 6748.339 kg narcotics valuing US$ 234.325 million internationally, arrested 26 culprits including one foreigner and impounded 15 vehicles while conducting 23 counter-narcotics strikes throughout the country.

ANF BalochistanPolice Station Regional Directorate ANF Balochistan recovered 2165 kg Hashish from Killi Daman Tehsil Gulistan District Qilla Abdullah.

In another operation, Police Station Regional Directorate ANF Balochistan recovered 2200 kg Hashish from Dry Rainy Nallah Killi Aarombi Tehsil Gulistan, District Qilla Abdullah.

ANF PunjabPolice Station ANF Lahore with 13 Wing Punjab Ranger Kasur recovered 10.240 kg heroin from personal possession of arrested accused Rana Babar Ali Khan resident of Pakpattan and Sarmad Waqar Rana resident of Sahiwal alongwith 2 x vehicles Honda City and Suzuki Alto Car.

In another operation, Police Station ANF Lahore with 22 Wing Punjab Ranger Kasur recovered three kgs heroin from personal possession of arrested accused Muhammad Jaffar resident of Kasur.

In third operation, Police Station ANF Multan conducted raid near Jamah-e-Masjid Muhammadia, Purani Anarkali Sher Shah RoadMultan, intercepted Nissan Trailer and recovered 1,482 kg hashish from secret cavities of the vehicle and container. 1 x accused Bisham Khan resident of Khyber Agency was arrested on the spot.

In fourth operation, Police Station ANF Lahore in collaboration with 21 Wing Punjab Rangers arrested an accused Shafqat Ali resident of Lahore alongwith motorcycle and recovered 4 kg heroin from his personal possession.

In fifth operation, ANF Lahore arrested a Nigerian national Henry Chiedozie from Lahore Airport, on the suspicion of ingested narco filled capsules in his stomach. The accused was admitted to hospital where he delivered 62 x cocaine filled capsules (weighing 1.086 Kg). The said accused arrived at Lahore Airport from Nigeria through Qatar Airways.

In sixth operation, Police Station ANF Lahore in collaboration with 22 Wing Punjab Rangers arrested 2 x accused Muhammad Abbas and Tariq Mehmood residents of Kasur alongwith a motorcycle and recovered 1 kg heroin and 3 kg hashish from their personal possession.

In seventh operation, Police Station ANF Lahore raided at Al Nasar Shopping Mall, arrested 2 x accused Haq Nawaz & Zafar Iqbal residents of Nankana Sahib alongwith a Motorcycle.

During search of the arrested accused 16.800 kg Hashish were recovered from their personal possession.

In eighth operation, Police Station Regional Directorate ANF Punjab raided near United Mill Tehsil Shah Kot District Nankana Sahib, arrested 2 x accused Qamar Munir & Umar Farooq residents of Rawalpindi alongwith Bed Ford Oil Tanker.

During search 480 Kg Hashish was recovered from the secret cavities of seized vehicle.

In ninth operation, Police Station ANF Multan raided near PC Hotel Askari bypass road Multan. 2 x accused Umar Gul & Aslam Khan resident of Bahawal Pur were arrested. During search of seized Rickshaw, total 81.600 Kg Hashish was recovered.

In tenth operation, Police Station ANF Mianwali raided near Chashma Barrage Mianwali intercepted a Toyota Double Cabin and recovered 103.200 Kg Hashish from secret cavities of seized vehicle. In eleventh operation, Police StationLahore intercepted a suspected parcel from International Cargo Complex AIIAP, Lahore which was booked for Australia.

The parcel consisted of 2 x Towels, 2 x Shawls and 2 x Gents Suits and recovered 7.180 Kg Suspected drugs soaked in apparel.

ANF SindhPolice Station Regional Directorate ANF Karachi conducted a raid at House No.C-41 Block-1, Clifton Shireen Jinnah Colony, Karachi and recovered 37 Kg Hashish alongwith 1 x Rifle 222, 2 x Magazine, 60 x Rounds, 1 x Rifle AK-47, 11 x Empty Magazine, 100 x Rounds, 1 x Pistol 9mm, 8 x Magazine, 12 x Rounds kept in said house. 2 x accused Sarfraz Khan Jadoon & Irfan Ullah residents of Karachi were arrested on the spot. In another operation, Police Station Regional Directorate ANF Karachi intercepted 2 x containers at PICTKarachi and recovered 57 Kg Heroin from 3 x Harvesting Fertilizing Machines (Thrasher). The container was booked by Ali Noor Shifer Malik Aziz Ahmed resident of Karachi being sent to Importer namely Roher Trading Pvt Ltd Singapore. In third operation, Police Station ANF Korangi intercepted a Car Nissan at Malir Halt Karachi and recovered 27 Kg Hashish from the car. 2 x accused Jahanzaib Khan resident of Hyderabad and Muhammad Ibrahim resident of Waziristan were arrested on the spot.

ANF KPPolice Station ANF Peshawar in collaboration with FC (South) intercepted a Pickup, 1 x accused Muhammad islam resident of District Khyber and recovered 58 Kg Hashish near Balish Khel Check Post (CP) District Kurram. The recovered narco was being smuggled from Parachinar to Peshawar. In another operation, Police Station Regional Directorate in collaboration with 104 Wing/FC KP (North) at Sheikhano CP Khyber intercepted a Motorcycle and arrested 2 x accused Imran Khan & Shah Jee residents of District Khyber. During search 2.400 Kg Hashish was recovered from the arrested accused. In third operation, Police Station Regional Directorate, Peshawar in collaboration with 104 Wing/FC KP (North) at Mamari CP intercepted a Toyota Corolla car and arrested one accused Iran Gul resident of District Khyber and recovered 3.600 Kg Hashish from the arrested accused.

ANF RawalpindiPolice Station Regional Directorate ANF Rawalpindi intercepted a consignment from Cargo Net opposite Shaheen Cargo Old Airport and recovered 1.294 Kg Heroin. The consignment was booked by Habib Khan resident of AJK and was being sent to UK. In another operation, Police Station Regional Directorate, Rawalpindi intercepted a Suzuki Pickup from cricket Stadium roadRawalpindi and recovered 1.168 Kg Hashish from arrested accused Muhammad Hassan & Muhammad Wajid residents of Rawalpindi. In third operation, Regional Directorate ANF Rawalpindi intercepted 1 x Pakistani National Muhammad Ismail resident of Swabi at Islamabad Airport. During search 1.470 Kg Methamphetamine (Ice) was recovered from his trolley bag. The accused was trying to smuggle drugs to Bahrain through Flight No. EY -234. In fourth operation, Police Station Regional Directorate Rawalpindi conducted an operation at International AirportIslamabad and recovered 1.301 Kg Heroin (Brown) from accused Akhlaq Hussain resident of District Mirpur AJK and also seized a vehicle Toyota Land Cruiser V-8 during the operation.

All cases have been registered at respective ANF Police Stations under CNS Act 1997 and further investigations are underway.