KARAK: The police on Saturday claimed to have seized 9,950 kilograms of hashish during three raids on the hideouts of drug smugglers and also arrested five drug peddlers in the limits of Karak, Latamber and Takht-i-Nusrati police stations.

Police sources said that a police party from the Takht-i-Nusrati Police Station raided the hideout of drug peddler Nazranullah, a resident of Sarki Lawagher, and arrested him.

Police recovered 5,250 kilogram hashish and a 9MM pistol along with ammunition from his possession. The cops took the drug and pistol in custody and shifted the accused to the police station for further interrogation.

The police registered an FIR against the accused.

In another incident, the cops from Karak Police Station raided the hideout of drug peddlers in the bazaar in Karak city and arrested two drug peddlers identified as Khaliq Dad and Saleem Khan. Police also recovered 2,500 kilogram hashish from their possession. The accused were taken to the Karak Police Station for further interrogation where a case was also registered against them.

In the third incident the policemen from the Latamber Police Station stopped a motorcycle at a checkpoint and arrested two drug peddlers identified as Abdul Fayyaz and Gul Ghazi Khan

Source:  https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/761431-9-950kg-hashish-seized-five-arrested.