Just a snippet of the amount of hash being shipped out of Pakistan…

PESHAWAR: With accelerated actions against the drug dealers in the provincial capital and adjacent Khyber district, police have unearthed at least 12 drug factories and seized over 4980 KG of narcotics in last seven months.

Special actions are underway in Khyber district for the last few weeks after reports that drugs are mainly being supplied to Peshawar and rest of the country from there.

“The Peshawar Police have recovered 195kg heroin , 35kg ice, 3002kg hashish and 595kg opium in different actions during seven months,” Capital City Police Officer Mohammad Ali Gandapur told The News.

As many as 5376 people have been arrested in these actions while 4356 cases were registered, said the official statistics.

In July, 483 cases were registered while 554 drug dealers are arrested, as per police records. The force recovered 17kg heroin, 1.4kg ice, 229kg hashish and 9kg opium during the month.

The highest recovery of heroin, 6kg, was in April followed by 51kg in May. Around 10kg ice was recovered in June while around 8kg each was recovered in April and May.

The highest recovery of Hashish was 654kg in February, followed by 581kg in May and 542kg in June. As many as 194kg opium was recovered in June, 138kg in April and 134kg in March.

“We have unearthed 12 factories in Khyber during the period. Ten of these factories were manufacturing heroin and two others used to produce ice,” said Mohammad Ali, who also heads the Khyber Police as capital city police officer. In operations, he is assisted by SSP operations Mansoor Aman in Peshawar and Dr Mohammad Iqbal in Khyber as district police officer.

The official said 110kg heroin was recovered in actions in Khyber district only during July. Three factories were unearthed in the district during the month.

One factory was unearthed the other day from where 35kg heroin and 45kg raw material was recovered and three accused were arrested during an action in Shahkas, the area said to be notorious for drugs.

“We have recovered 319kg heroin in different actions in Khyber during the current year,” said the CCPO. The other drugs recovered during the year included 4.9kg ice, 715kg hashish and 115kg opium.

The official said that one ice factory was unearthed in July and another in May. Three heroin factories were unearthed in April, one in February and two each in March, June and July.

“We have to purged Peshawar, Khyber and rest of the KP of drugs. All the officers are busy in actions daily to go after the manufacturers, suppliers and traffickers. Those ruining the lives of the people, especially youth, with drugs will not be spared,” said Ali Gandapur.