The Tehran Times reports…

The largest amount of these seizures is Opium with 621,388 kg, followed by 76,626 kg of Hashish, 25,336 kg of other narcotics, 22,815 kg of Heroin, 17,500 kg of Morphine, and 14,458 kg of Methamphetamine, Gharibabadi wrote in a letter to the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

It was also mentioned that during this period, 9 Iranian officers were martyred.

Meanwhile, about 110,020 kg of various narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances were seized throughout Iran from 14 November to 27 December 2020.

The highest seized type was Opium with 85,227 kg, followed by 9,400 kg of Hashish, 6,470 kg of other substances including precursors and psychotropic pills, 2,760 kg of Crystal, 2,518 kg of Heroin, 2,287 kg of Morphine, and 1,366 kg of Grass.

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