Touting the offering as an industry-first, the accompanying “woosh” sound when opened is reminiscent of “opening a fresh can of vacuum-sealed coffee,” Grown Rogue CEO Obie Strickler says in the company statement.

“Our nitrogen-sealed flower jars are classified by experience,” Strickler points out, adding that “unlike canned packing, glass packaging gives our customers the ability to view and confirm the premium signature product before purchasing.”

The company’s product suite includes premium flower, patent-pending, nitrogen sealed pre-rolls, 3.5-oz flower jars, oil and concentrate distillates, and dark chocolate edibles.

Operating approximately 90,000 sq ft of cultivation through both outdoor and indoor facilities, Grown Rogue reports it is the only vertically integrated cannabis company that “crowdsources consumer experiences from users of its products to categorize cannabis strains by the resulting effect.”

Its crowdsourcing ROGUE Study—introduced late last year and designed by research psychologists at the University of California, Santa Barbara—uses “scientifically validated questions to capture the physiological and psychological effects of a cannabis consumption,” the statement explains.

“Rather than conduct internal testing to determine experience-based classification, we believe the most transparent and accurate representation of cannabis experiences has to come from crowd consensus of real-time users,” Strickler says.

Adds company chief strategy officer Jacques Habra, “Rather than rely on anecdotes or wait for academia or government agencies to conduct testing, we took a forward-thinking approach to capture people’s experiences in a qualified, meaningful way from the very users of the product.”