Oregon: Man Attacks Dispensary Staff Because They Wouldn’t Accept Weed He Was Trying To Return

A man has been caught on camera brutally attacking employees at a weed dispensary in Oregon where he tried to return his marijuana with his mom.

Daniel Applegate, 30, launched his bizarre attack at NW Compassion Medical Center in Wood Village around 5pm on Friday.

Applegate went to the dispensary to return $40 worth of marijuana saying he received less than he paid for, while accompanied by a woman who identified herself as his mother, employees said.

But when workers told him they couldn’t accept the return, he snapped.

Shocking surveillance footage captures the moment a worker tells him she can’t return the item and he suddenly dives over the counter and tries to grab a container of marijuana from behind the desk.

Two female employees appear startled then try to grab him and wrangle the container out of his hands and push him back off the counter.

The clip then jumps to another moment where Applegate, wearing a blue hoodie, starts to viciously punch a man standing next to him, holding him in a headlock and relentlessly hitting his head.

All the while Applegate’s mother is in the background shouting and trying to get her son to stop his violent attack.

Then Applegate gives up, pushes the man away and pushes his mother to the side as he runs out of the dispensary.

His mother appears to be embarrassed and tries to pick up items he made fall off the front counter in his rage and runs out of the door after him.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7571609/Man-attacks-weed-dispensary-staff-refuse-let-return-pot.html