At Hawks PDX, members are welcome to take a break from orgy activities to spark a joint or take a dab hit in as little clothing as they’d like.

Portland’s Hawks PDX is not like any other cannabis consumption club across America’s legal weed landscape. That’s because Hawks isn’t an edible-friendly coffee joint like they have in Denver, or the dispensary-adjacent dab rooms that are popular in San Francisco. Instead, Hawks is a members-only sex club that also welcomes cannabis consumption, allowing visitors to toke up in the nude on a clothing-optional smoking patio.

According to a dressed down piece of investigative reporting from the Willamette Weekly’s Meghan O’Dea, Hawks’ interior features all the trappings of a sex club, with glory holes present in the walls, porn playing on loop, and plenty of wet wipes.

Outside on the smoking patio, though, a more serene scene includes dab rigs, rolling papers, and joint smokers passing pot and mingling — some with towels, others without. Hawks caters to a clientele mostly made up of gay men, but also features a weekly “bisexual night.”

Across the states with adult-use legalization, finding a place to light up outside of private residences runs the gamut from difficult to impossible. Some select cities permit highly regulated consumption lounges, while most cities — and entire legal states — ban public consumption altogether. Since Hawks requires a membership for access, the Southeast Portland sex club can set its own rules about on-site consumption without explicit licensing from the state.

Turns out, bud in the bedroom is a pretty hard proposition to ignore, even if your preferred sex/smoking setting is in the middle of a crowded club.