Forbes reports……..A great dish with a story always resonates with guests, says Vitaly Paley, chef-proprietor of Paley’s Place Bistro and Bar in Portland, Oregon. “A dish with a story that is very tasty and unique to Oregon is much more powerful, meaningful and memorable.”

Paley and David Hoyle, owner and farmer of Moto Perpetuo Farm in Forest Grove, Oregon have teamed up to offer the High on the Hog Dinner, an event centered around the roasting of a cannabis-fed pig and summer vegetables.

The pigs are grown on the same farm as cannabis and “it is an age old practice to feed hogs the bi-product of nearby agricultural production,” said Hoyle.  The animals were already receiving a portion of their diet from fruits and vegetables of the produce operation.

Cannabis cultivation generates bi-product, mostly in the form of leaf from pruning and post harvest. “We saw the potential for this material to become a supplemental feed stock for the pigs,” Hoyle said.

Some customers ask if feeding the pigs cannabis plants makes them high. The answer is no. Pigs have a very similar endo-cannabinoid system to humans, “which means that what minimal THC that exists in the feedstock would have to be decarboxylated (heated) in order to be psychoactive,” said Hoyle.