Not really what you’d expect from a 420 celebration but then again it is London where stabbing is a national pastime


Schoolgirl, 15, stabbed as fight breaks out at 4/20 ‘Weed Day’ gathering in Hyde Park

A 15-year-old girl was left with stab wounds after a fight broke out during the 4/20 ‘Weed Day’ gathering in London’s Hyde Park.


The gathering, which usually sees thousands turn up to smoke weed while protesting for cannabis to be legalised, had been cancelled because of ongoing coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

However, crowds still turned up and violence erupted at around 6.10pm on Tuesday.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police who were on patrol in the park were alerted to the fight and rushed to the scene to break it up.

After dispersing those who were involved in the scuffle, they discovered that the 15-year-old girl had been stabbed in the leg.

Officers carried out first aid at the scene before the London Ambulance Service were called to assist.

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