Only a bit of weed m8′: Police bust cannabis factory in residential area

Yahoo UK report
Police busted a cannabis factory in Longstock Crescent on Wednesday (Image: Totton Police)

Stacks of cannabis were uncovered after police smashed their way into a cannabis factory.

Officers discovered a sprawling production of cannabis after raiding a flat in Longstock Crescent in Totton on Wednesday afternoon.

Several harvested cannabis plants were found inside.

A 42-year-old man from Totton was arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis.

He remains in custody at this time.

In a Facebook post, a police spokesperson said: “You may think “it’s only a bit of weed m8” but this is still an offence, and we actively look to target those people higher up the ladder in the supply of drugs.

“Smelly enquiries are ongoing.”

Numerous cannabis factories in and around Southampton have been shut down by police in recent months.

Last month, officers found a cannabis factory on Victoria Street in the Northam area of the city.

Around 160 plants were seized.

An empire that saw hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of cocaine and cannabis sold across the county was also dismantled.

The investigation saw more than £500,000 worth of cannabis being seized, and the gang behind the operation was jailed for a combined 33 years and eight months in January.



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