Offaly man who allowed cannabis smoking in his house denies calling garda a “prick” in court

Offaly Live..

A MAN convicted of allowing the smoking of cannabis at his house in Banagher denied a guard’s claim that he called him a “p…k” in the courtroom at Tullamore District Court.

Garda David Treacy stated that Fabian Hand (26), 2 Main Street, Banagher, said “I’ll see you again, you p…k” as he walked by him on his way out of the court after Judge Andrew Cody imposed a fine.

When Garda Treacy reported this to Judge Cody, Mr Hand said: “I never opened my mouth.”

Mr Hand said he was sorry if something was said but stated there was nothing said “about a p…k or anything like that”.

The exchange occurred after the court was told Mr Hand had previously entered a plea of guilty to knowingly permitting the smoking of cannabis at 2 Main Street, Banagher on April 28, 2021.

He also admitted obstructing Garda Treacy during the lawful exercise by the guard of power under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Outlining what happened during a search at Mr Hand’s address, Garda Treacy said the accused threw one phone into a fire and broke another in two halves.


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