“‘Antsy’ is a good word for how they’re feeling right now,” Sharron Cannon said of her patients at Curaleaf, where demand is high.

Sharron Cannon is the outreach coordinator for Curaleaf, a medical marijuana company with 57 dispensaries in 17 states, including one in Forest Hills, Queens, which has recently experienced a significant increase in new patients.

Ms. Cannon became interested in cannabis in the 1980s, while volunteering with H.I.V. patients. The Covid crisis is bringing back memories of that era. “It was definitely doomsday for AIDS patients,” she said. “There’s some similarities to what we’re experiencing now.”

Her job entails educating patients about cannabis and enrolling them in the New York State Medical Marijuana Program. Before the coronavirus outbreak, she spent most of her time talking with patients directly. Now that work is done via the phone, email or text, including on Sundays. Ms. Cannon, 60, lives in Harlem with her son, Kenny Allen, 27.

Read about her Sunday at the Times…..  https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/19/nyregion/coronavirus-weed-nyc.html