The Post’s Steve Cuozzo writes…

CBD is this year’s It substance. The legal hemp plant derivative is touted as a stress-beater and all-around wonder drug, and it’s popping up everywhere from yoga studios to beauty shops.

But at Adriaen Block, the self-described “city’s first CBD-centered bar and restaurant,” a half-gallon of the stuff left me as cranky as ever.


I waited expectantly for the fabled, Valium-like chill that stole over customer Barbara Kovacs, a personal trainer, who said that minutes after her first CBD-infused, “life-changing” cocktail, she enjoyed a “calming sensation. It relieved stress, and I felt peaceful.”

It certainly worked its magic as well on my high-energy friend Karen. At first buzzing from strong coffee she had earlier, she reclined contentedly into a corner of the banquette after a “1614,” an elixir of Petrov Reserve, sparkling wine, muddled honeydew, agave and lime. “A mellow stop at the end of the W line,” she sighed.

But my anxiety level doesn’t quit so easily. All I felt was the standard buzz I get from a killer cocktail — or a beer or two. At least I enjoyed the flavor: The tincture lent a gentle, peppermint lilt to everything it touched.

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