NY: Office of Cannabis Management raids two downtown Ithaca stores

ITHACA, N.Y.—The Office of Cannabis Management’s last public appearance in Ithaca was one of celebration as the William Jane Dispensary became the city’s first licensed retail cannabis dispensary in March. On Tuesday, OCM officials were in town again for a different purpose: raiding two stores located just feet away from William Jane’s entrance on the Ithaca Commons, apparently due to the stores allegedly selling cannabis without a license.

The raid centered on Zaza’s Exotic Market and Smoke Shop and Black Leaf NY, both of which are located close to each other on the Cayuga Street side of the Commons. It is the first, or at least the most visible, raid of an unlicensed cannabis dispensary in Ithaca. People in “NYS OCM Enforcement” and “Police” jackets were seen searching both stores and piling products outside on the Commons.

A large sign on Black Leaf’s window stated that illicit cannabis had been seized from the property, branded from the state’s Office of Cannabis Management. The sign deems itself a “warning,” and it is unclear if anyone will face charges stemming from the raid, or what was recovered.


Office of Cannabis Management raids two downtown Ithaca stores

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