Sales numbers have absolutely skyrocketed. One particular province, the humble Nova Scotia, reported over $400,000 in sales over the first seven hours the drug was legal.

The numbers are in, and Canadians everywhere are speeding to their local dispensaries for their first ever puff of legal weed.

According to the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC), around $373,000 had been sold in stores by 5pm on their opening day. Additionally, around $20,450 worth had been sold online.

With the dispensaries opening at 10am across the board, that accounts for almost $400,000 in sales over seven hours.

This is just in Nova Scotia, mind you – a province with a population of roughly 950,000. Multiply their takings across the entirety of Canada (population 36.7 million), and you’re taking millions and millions of dollars turned over in a single day.