Sounds a little excessive……

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – A man accused of setting a fire that damaged a Wilmington home last week told police he was “mad” after being ripped off while trying to buy marijuana.

A spokeswoman for the Wilmington Police Department said the incident happened around 3 a.m. Friday in the 4400 block of Randall Parkway.

Officers responded to the address after receiving reports that a man was trying to set a residence on fire with gasoline. When police arrived, officers saw some visible fire damage to the victim’s home and began an investigation.

After talking with witnesses, police located the suspect, 30-year-old Ryan Michael Stiles, close to the crime scene.

The spokeswoman said Stiles was taken to the police department where he told officers he was trying to buy marijuana and got mad because he felt he was ripped off. However, he did not admit to setting the fire, the spokeswoman said.

Stiles was charged with first-degree arson, burning personal property, and two counts each of injury to real property, assault on a police officer, malicious conduct by a prisoner, and resisting a public officer.