We wonder if there’d been more weed smoked before the legalization of cannabis… it’s a funny old world!

Merry Jane reports

Not all was smooth smoking during the legend’s 4/20 week. Organizers of Afroman’s Tuesday concert at Cass County, Michigan’s M-40 Speedway failed to get a permit to allow cannabis consumption at the event.

Here he is singing about getting high although nobody is allowed to get high


Fans left angry Facebook comments and then organizers got scolded and low-key accused of selling illegal drugs by law enforcement.

“Those requirements are very basic,” Cass County prosecutor Victor Fitz told a local news site. “It’s basic grown-up stuff. You need to have a license and make sure that you have expressed permission from the township if you are planning to have marijuana use. And if you comply with that, you will be fine, and if you don’t then there are potential criminal consequences…Some of the organizers have been active in the marijuana promotion, as far as recreational meth…So I think there are some logical inferences that were made. That’s why communication is sometimes a good thing.”

“We never wanted to give the wrong impression,” said one of the event’s organizers Justin Smith. “This is strictly a music concert.”

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