When police found a cannabis crop in an apparently unused building in Foxton, they thought they knew who owned the illicit cultivation.

But their theory soon changed after they interviewed the alleged owner – Darryl Turk​.

They thought the cannabis was his, but it turned out he had helped with a previous grow at the building, the Palmerston North District Court heard on Friday.

Turk was sentenced to three months’ community detention for cultivating cannabis in early-2019.

Police went to the property in May 2019, after an anonymous tip, to find cannabis growing, and shortly after got in touch with Turk.

He told them he had nothing to do with that crop, but did admit to previously growing cannabis there.

Defence lawyer Tony Thackery​ had one word to describe the situation: “unusual”.

Turk was interested in cannabis because he knew the cannabis legalisation referendum was coming up, so wanted to learn how to grow the plant.

“He was not looking to make money,” Thackery said.

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