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More and more, it seems, smoking marijuana has become part of the game day celebration for sports fans across the country.

But which sport’s fans smoke the most weed while enjoying the game? To find out, the folks at online sports and betting resource conducted a survey of more than 1,600 sports fans and asked them about their marijuana and alcohol consumption while they watched sporting events.

UFC/MMA Fans Smoke The Competition

Overall, the survey found that about 35% of fans reported that they smoked marijuana while enjoying a sporting event on television or in person. Topping the rankings with the highest percentage of tokers are fans of mixed martial arts and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Slightly more than 41% of UFC/MMA fans said that they smoked weed while watching a match, more than any other sport.

The large percentage of UFC/MMA fans who smoke marijuana while enjoying the competition could be related to the propensity for athletes of the sport to imbibe in the herb themselves. UFC commentator Joe Rogan has said that more of the sport’s athletes smoke marijuana than those who don’t, noting on his podcast that “the weird thing about martial arts, a tremendous amount of UFC fighters smoke pot.”

And after years of suspending fighters for testing positive for marijuana, the league has given its athletes the official okay to use cannabis. In January, the UFC announced that positive tests for THC, the main psychoactive compound in marijuana, would no longer violate the league’s anti-doping policy unless it could be proven that the drug had been used for performance-enhancing purposes. Jeff Novitzky, the UFC senior vice president of athlete health and performance, noted that although the league wanted to prevent fighters from competing while under the influence of marijuana, a positive result under current testing protocols is not an indicator of impairment.

“The bottom line is that in regard to marijuana, we care about what an athlete consumed the day of a fight, not days or weeks before a fight, which has often been the case in our historic positive THC cases,” Novitzky said in a statement from the league when the policy change was announced. “UFC Athletes will still be subject to marijuana rules under various athletic commission regulations, but we hope this is a start to a broader discussion and changes on this issue with that group.”

Esports, NFL Fans Round Out The Top Three Tokers

Right on the heels of UFC/MMA fans were followers of esports, 40% of whom said that they smoked marijuana as a spectator. They were followed by the 36% of NFL fans who enjoyed herb while watching a game. Fans of the Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens were most likely to fire up during the game, with 77% of both teams’ fan base saying they did so. The New England Patriots had the fewest fans smoking pot, with only 31%.

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