New study says cannabis causes more cancers than tobacco

This article is via an Australian commercial radio station and they always tend towards the overdramatic when it comes to cannabis so do take with a pinch of salt



A new study has revealed that cannabis is helping cause a range of cancers, in some cases more than tobacco.

Professors from the University of Western Australia helped complete the population study on the whole of the US over the course of 15 years.

Gary Christian, the Research Director from Drug Free Australia, told Mark Gibson on 6PR Breakfast that the study shows people should be more weary about using medical cannibas.

“I think the story is when it comes to tobacco if somebody said to you ‘how about you use tobacco to treat a particular condition’. Nobody would even think about it,” he said.

“Yet tobacco only causes 14 cancers whereas cannabis is now linked through this massive population study to 27 cancers and CBD to 12 of those.”

Gary Christian said that this study shows there should be a consideration around the use of cannabis.

“This is something that the population urgently needs to know.”

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Dr Brian Walker from Legalise Cannabis WA, a medical practitioner and Upper House MP, says that cannabis is safe but it has it’s side effects.

“I would not say CBD is benign. It has adverse effects,” he said.

“What we do see from a multitude of studies is that it is very, very safe. It is not this dangerous cancer-causing product,

“What I would be saying is that keep an open mind and wait for the results to come in. But taking very biased studies is a good way of being led down the wrong path.”

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Study shows cannabis causes more cancers than tobacco