Porsche has released a green alternative to the last-generation Cayman GT4 race car.

Instead of wearing carbon-fibre fenders, this new car’s body panels are made out of hemp; that means it’s just as light as a carbon-fibre-bodied car, but is easier on the planet, as hemp is made of renewable cannabis leaves.

The unfortunate side effect of the hemp is that it could swell and take on water, but you should be fine as long as the car has paint on it.

Vegan body panels aren’t the only change to the new race car, however; it also gets a fabulous new engine that makes 40 more horsepower than the previous one, bringing the total up to 425, from its 3.8-litre flat-six. Weighing in at only 1,320 kg, performance should be plentiful.

Two versions of the sports car are available, the Clubsport and Competition, with the latter adding adjustable shocks, a 110-litre fuel cell, adjustable brake bias, air jacks, quick-release wheel and an automatic fire extinguisher.

The Cayman GT4 is a track-only special, which means you can’t legally drive it on the roads. Deliveries are expected to start in February.