Robert Pettit writes on his site

Our horticultural grow cabinet is made to evolve as your knowledge and needs change. Beyond adjustable shelving and custom options, you can swap out most mechanical parts as technology evolves.


Our horticultural grow cabinet marries smart design with the warmth of real wood. In walnut, maple, or cherry, this 48” wide, 24” deep, 72” tall horticultural grow cabinet sits on a custom base in black or brushed aluminum.

“Cultivate in Style”


“Fill your home with the luster of a natural finish or go deep with a stain. ”


Inside, cast iron details abound in the 45” wide, 22” deep, and 55” tall customizable space. Each cabinet order includes all the essentials for the enthusiast: grow journal, clippers, fabric pots, locks, and a selection of Robert’s favorite gardening books.

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Meet Robert Pettit, Founder of Leaf + Wood, Grow Cabinet for the Modern Connoisseur