Nebraska man gets two years in prison after pot-filled drone misses the mark

A Nebraska man was sentenced to two years in prison on Tuesday after his attempt to smuggle marijuana and tobacco into a correctional facility came crashing down to earth.

Things began unravelling for Robert Kinser, 38, after an inmate on work detail outside the Lincoln Correctional Center stumbled upon a downed drone on prison grounds in early 2018, according to the Lincoln Journal Star. The drone was carrying two bags: One containing 17.5 g of marijuana and the other holding tobacco and rolling papers.

Kinser’s attorney attempted to have his client’s sentence reduced by telling the court the transgression would have only resulted in a US$300 fine for possession outside prison walls. “I don’t minimize the things I’ve done. I know it’s serious,” Kinser said in his defence as he asked the court for probation.

Lancaster County District Judge John Colborn was unwilling to entertain the request, however, particularly in light of Kinser’s past record, which reportedly included a previous stint behind bars. The judge sentenced him to two years plus 18-months post-release supervision on charges of attempted delivery of cannabis and attempted conveyance of an article to an inmate.

“This isn’t just delivery of marijuana,” the judge said. “This is delivery of marijuana into an institution with a drone. We just can’t have people dropping things into our penitentiaries with drones.”

Nebraska man gets two years in prison after pot-filled drone misses the mark