A group of 12 year-olds smile and giggle while filming themselves getting high on weed allegedly given to them by one of their moms. Ann King said she was furious to discover her daughter, Kyra, had spent the weekend smoking marijuana with four friends at 36-year-old Tina Criscoe’s house in Ashboro, North Carolina. Video of the illicit smoking, reportedly taken at Criscoe’s house and obtained exclusively by Metro US, shows the youngsters tossing around multiple bags of marijuana.

The girls smoke both inside and outside the home and light up weed wrapped in cigars as well as bowls, despite both medical and recreational weed being totally illegal in North Carolina.

A caption on one clip even suggests that the youngsters are getting high to celebrate one of their birthdays – with Kyra later coming home toting a ‘goody bag’ filled with leftover weed.

Video provided by King shows the girls getting high in Criscoe’s home, giggling, and pointing to bags of weed

King told Metro US that another video shows Criscoe herself smoking with the youngsters, although the person who took these does not wish to hand them over. The outraged mother, who called police as soon as she realized what had happened said: ‘My daughter immediately gave me the weed that Ms Criscoe had given her. Boozy Brits descend on Magaluf as summer season kicks off ‘She basically told me the whole weekend that they were there, her and the four girls were getting high with Ms Criscoe.’ ‘I’m angry because this is my child and when I send my child somewhere I trust that the adult will take care of them. ‘I already question the children my daughter hangs out with. Now I have to question the parents, and that’s awful.


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