Morocco Seizes 3.5 Tonnes of Cannabis

Royal Navy units operating at the Atlantic also arrested six suspects, including a Spanish citizen, linked to the drug trafficking operation.

Rabat – Moroccan navy units seized over 3.5 tonnes of cannabis off Mehdia, near Kenitra on Monday.

A military source said that a royal navy unit on patrol in the Atlantic Ocean aborted a drug trafficking operation off Mehdia on Monday.

The unit chased the drug traffickers, who were onboard a go-fast boat.

The security operation led to the arrest of six suspects involved in the drug trafficking operation, including a Spanish citizen.

The royal navy unit handed the seized cannabis over to the Royal Gendarmerie in the city for the usual administrative procedures as part of an ongoing investigation.

The operation, which is part of Morocco’s efforts against drug trafficking, comes after Moroccan police seized two tonnes of cannabis in the city of Agadir last Thursday.

Police also arrested a suspect for his alleged involvement in the drug trafficking case.

The suspect has alleged links with a criminal network active in international drug trafficking.

In 2022, police seized 98,500 tonnes of cannabis. The number represents a drop of 40% compared to a year earlier.

Moroccan police also seized 190 kilograms of cocaine and 2.8 kilograms of heroin last year.


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