Turkish security forces seized over 10.1 million cannabis roots in narco-terror operations over the last two days, the country’s Interior Ministry announced on July 11.

“The amount of seized cannabis roots in the last 15 days increased to 42,110,000,” the ministry said in a written statement underlining that the security units continued to fight against drug trafficking — one of the most important sources of income of terrorist organizations.

Provincial gendarmerie in the Genç district of the eastern Bingöl province seized 6.11 million cannabis roots at 26 different locations.

Separately, provincial gendarmerie teams in the Lice district of southeastern Diyarbakır seized 4 million cannabis roots, along with 1.244 kilograms (564.2 pounds) of cannabis at 60 different locations.

A total of 10,110,000 cannabis roots were seized in narco-terror operations in the last two days, for a 15-day total of 42.11 million.

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