Lightshade Labs is issuing a voluntary recall of some marijuana products sold at eight metro Denver locations. The items could contain high amounts of mold and yeast.

The recall involves products sold before April 9, 2019 with OPC codes 403R-00214 or 403-00017 at the locations below.

330 S. Dayton St., Denver  80247 (402-00405/402R-00106)

3950 Holly St., Denver  80207 (402-00603/402R-00073)

1126 S. Sheridan Blvd., Denver 80232 (402-00970/402R-00360)

11975 E. 40th Ave., Denver 80239 (402-01010/402R-000163)

745 E. 6th Ave., Denver 80203 (402R-00479)

9364 Federal Boulevard, Federal Heights, CO 80260 (402-01255/402R-00684)

503 Havana St., Aurora, CO 80010 (402R-00293)

16821 E. Illiff Ave., Aurora, CO 80014 (402R-00579)

The FOX31 Problem Solvers learned the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment opened an investigation after receiving a citizen complaint.

Dr. Sarah Cohen of the Resource Medical Center told FOX31 that any health or safety recall involving food, vehicles or natural medication should be heeded.

“This medicine is quite safe under most circumstances and there are very important things you want to pay attention to,” Cohen said.

She added that while medical marijuana can have a tremendous benefit for those struggling with some health problems, recalls involving mold contamination can be especially dangerous for those with compromised immune systems.

“In a particular subset of the population who have immune suppression for one reason or another,  it’s really extra important to pay attention to the microbial testing,” Cohen said.

Anyone with recalled products should throw them away or return them to the store from which they were purchased.