Is it just us but we immediately think of Grace Jones at her glorious best


Paper report

Ninamounah is reviving an unlikely piece of history: something called the Kraplap, a traditional Dutch garment made of stiff, starched cotton that rests on the shoulders to form a type of rectangular breastcloth. While it was once worn by women throughout the Netherlands, the Kraplap fell off somewhere in the 21st century. But it’s honestly a strong silhouette and ripe for reinvention (Ninamounah’s looks like a tailored suit). Imagine a pop girly like Dua Lipa wearing it or Gigi Hadid or, I don’t know, Bad Bunny.

Kraplap – The Original Look !

Before bringing a modified Kraplap to the world, Ninamounah spent the past year reflecting on their own Dutch heritage. Of course, this was inevitable under lockdown, with restricted travel and home becoming more accessible inspiration than ever. Designer Ninamounah Langestraat and Brand Director Robin Burggraaf considered ideas of nesting, familiarity and their “most intimate surroundings” to offer a “contemporary take on familiar tropes” for Spring 2021.

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