MJ Biz report says …. “Marijuana companies wade into Twitter advertising with mixed success”

It didn’t take long for the first marijuana advertisements on Twitter to get shut down.


On the first day the social media platform accepted cannabis ads in February, Hemper Co. Chief Marketing Officer Angel Ferrer set up an account and posted an ad for the Las Vegas-based company’s subscription boxes filled with a variety of cannabis accessories.

Twitter disabled the account three hours later.

“I wasn’t running anything that I thought should have been disabled,” said Ferrer, whose company sells boxes filled with everything from bongs and dab rigs to rolling papers and cleaning supplies.


“We weren’t showing smoke – we had a product with a box. It’s not like they even reached out and offered direction.”

Despite the disablement of his first Twitter ad, Ferrer said he’ll continue experimenting with the platform.

“We want to spend the money, and we know advertising is drying up on these platforms,” Ferrer said. “Our money is green just like everyone else’s.”

Earlier this year, San Francisco-headquartered Twitter became the first major social media platform to allow cannabis advertising, although advertisers face numerous restrictions – as companies such as Hemper are learning.

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