LAKEVILLE — Quietly, and without any fanfare, the town’s first cannabis product kitchen was recently cleared to start cooking up marijuana edibles by the Board of Health. Except for the products to be created, it was another routine approval of a commercial kitchen operation for the board.

Bountiful Farms Inc. of Franklin received the license to operate the kitchen at 200 Kenneth Welch Drive in the town’s primary industrial park at the Feb. 3 meeting of the Board of Health after Health Agent Ed Cullen reported finding “everything’s in order” during his pre-opening inspection.

There is already a state licensed cannabis cultivation operation in the building, with the some of the marijuana plants already growing there destined to become the raw material for candies, cookies, and other products containing cannabis that will be manufactured there.

Old Town Hall, Lakeville

“We had to inspect the kitchen to make sure it’s compliant with all our regulations and the state regulations” set by the Cannabis Control Commission, Cullen said. All was in order, he reported.

Board of Health Chairman Derek Maxim and other board members had just a few questions for Bountiful Farms representative Jared Norris before their unanimous vote to approve the site for “manufacturing” edibles, but not selling them.

The products made are “not to be consumed on the property, correct?” asked member Robert Poillucci. Norris confirmed, “That is absolutely not allowed under Cannabis Control Commission regulations.”

“And there’s no trying of the products in the store, right?” Maxim asked in a follow-up. “Nobody comes there to buy anything?”

No, Norris said. All products manufactured at the Lakeville site will be sold in the company’s Natick medical marijuana treatment center, he indicated.