But that’s not all, read on.


A cannabis dispensary has launched a new initiative in Michigan. The Niles operation is working to help small businesses through a partnership.

Green Stem in Niles is aiming to help small businesses by working with them and getting the community involved. It’s an initiative to help other businesses and also defeat the stigma surrounding cannabis.


“We want to remove that stigma of cannabis being this lazy, not something good for society. This is just proof that it is,” said Michael Lynch.

For over a year now, Green Stem in Niles has brought in new customers nearly every day at their medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. After all their success, they’re working to spread it among other small businesses.


“What we did was we partnered up with a few local businesses in Niles and we asked them if they could come up with some special deal, and its really easy. All the customers have to do– any customer that comes to Green Stem– they get a receipt, they bring that receipt within 24 hours to any one of those restaurants and they get a special deal.”

It’s called the Munchie Trail.

Right now, 13 restaurants have partnered with the dispensary to offer those deals. Businesses like Curly Q’s Barbecue just down the road have joined in.

“We see the community growing so we want to be a part of that growth,” said owner Tyler Haines. “We’re a small town people, small town family so we like to stick with the people coming into town and hopefully we’re involved with the movement.”

Michael Lynch with Green Stem is hoping to use this initiative to end the stigma surrounding cannabis. And so far, the Munchie Trial is doing just that for other small businesses in Niles.

“Its really important for us to be a part of the community here and to be a positive influence in Niles, that’s what we’re looking to do.”

“We definitely want to get people back out and moving around,” said Haines. “Masks, we try to keep our safety first here at Curly Q’s, but we love to see the community’s face and if that brings in more people. we’re all for it.”

Lynch told me that he’s hoping other businesses join in.

Right now, it’s just restaurants that have partnered up, but he says that any small business is welcome to participate as well.