Michigan cannabis business owner stunned by state police SWAT-style raid

M.Live reports

TRAVERSE CITY, MI — It was quiet morning on Thursday, Oct. 6, inside Traverse City’s Great Lakes Hemp Supplements, a cannabis business with CBD products and a decal on the window that reads, “healers not dealers.”

The solace shattered.

“This is raid,” shouted Michigan state troopers who rushed in the front door.

“Someone’s screaming, ‘state police,’” said 26-year-old office manager Megan O’Brien, who was meeting with a customer in another room. “I come around the corner and there are like 12 of them coming in with guns.”

It was the state police Marijuana and Tobacco Investigation Section, a special enforcement unit that targets — in addition to tobacco tax violations — marijuana-related criminal activity that takes place outside the Cannabis Regulatory Agency’s jurisdiction.

Police suspected the business was an illegal dispensary.

Ten miles away at a small cannabis farm and private residence, Great Lakes Hemp Supplements owner Michael Thue was simultaneously handcuffed and placed in the back of a police car, where he’d spend the next five hours, minus a couple bathroom breaks.

Police allege Thue’s business is breaking laws regulating the commercial production and sale of marijuana. They were looking for “all evidence to assist in the investigation of narcotics manufacturing and trafficking, continuing a criminal enterprise, unlicensed marijuana grow and violation of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act,” according to the search warrant Thue shared with MLive.

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