Michael Douglas Buys Weed In Santa Barbara

As told by the Daily Mail

The Wall Street star covered up his shaggy white hair with a black baseball cap, and he wore his angular dark sunglasses perched atop the hat bill.

He dropped by the dispensary in downtown Santa Barbara for about 20 minutes before heading out with his supplies.

Michael’s love of pot goes back decades, as he revealed in a 2018 profile of his longtime friend and regular costar Danny DeVito for Cigar Aficionado.

The two, who were roommates early in their career before a string of collaborations in the 1970s and ’80s, bonded over their shared love of marijuana in the 1960s.

‘I was on the beach, looking out at the Long Island Sound and this guy walks up to me, with this long head of hair, if you can imagine,’ Douglas recalled. ‘He says, “You get high?” We were both 1967 potheads, so we smoked a joint and that was a beginning of a long, long friendship.’

In 2021, while speaking with AARP Magazine, Douglas noted that he had been having problems with his short-term memory during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Although he once assumed it was a common symptom of heavy marijuana use, he admitted that he feared it was something else.

‘My long-term memory is fine, but my short-term memory is not. I used to blame it on pot. But I’ve got some friends who’ve been smoking as long as I have and have fabulous memories, so I don’t think that’s the issue. I’m researching it,’ he said.



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