Vice reports

Mentions of the sale of American weed products, especially close to the border, have circulated for the last few years. More recent reports suggest that the new tinned US weed, although expensive, is in high demand and sells out fast, at 1,500 pesos (around $75) for half an ounce. That’s more than six or seven times the price of the cheaper, regular weed on the market, which costs around 500 pesos ($25) an ounce, according to one marijuana menu seen by VICE. It’s also a lot cheaper than in the US, likely due to traffickers buying in bulk and trying to attract new customers south of the border.

Rusty Payne, a spokesman for the DEA of the United States, acknowledged that American weed is moving south by both land and sea—”Every which way, is what we’ve seen”—but not in a way that warrants significant attention.

“The quality of the weed that’s being produced in the US and Canada is far greater than the quality of the marijuana currently being produced in Mexico, so there is a demand in Mexico for high-grade marijuana that is produced in the US and Canada,” he told me.

Recreational cannabis is now legal in ten US states, while 33 states have legalized cannabis for medical use. Domestic production in the US continues to grow both in volume and sophistication, according to the DEA. Criminal groups like the Sinaloa Cartel and the increasingly powerful Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion (New Generation Jalisco Cartel) have been quick to bring the new marijuana forms into their drug portfolio, and just like many of the finest elements of American culture, Mexicans have gotten a taste for it.