When it comes to rock stars and their weed, one might assume that with power and money comes potent (and expensive) Mary Jane. One might assume correctly, according to The Sword guitarist Kyle Shutt, who claims that Metallica’s Kirk Hammett has some of the best weed he’s ever smoked.

Speaking to The Metal Injection Livecast, Shutt was asked which artist who’s gotten him high over the course of the band’s nearly 20-year-long career had the stickiest icky… and his answer, without hesitation, was Metallica’s resident wah-abuser: “Kirk Hammett! He had this shit called Romulan one time, which was, probably, the best weed I ever smoked.” He then went on to share a funny story involving some particularly stinky sensimilla The Sword had once while on tour with Metallica:

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