Massachusetts: Braintree Police uncover illegal marijuana edibles operation

BRAINTREE – Braintree Police made a big bust, halting a drug kitchen making underground THC edibles.

“It appeared to have a bunch of commercial kitchen equipment in there. We confiscated several trays of gummy candies on racks that were cooling to be placed into packaging,” described Braintree Police Deputy Chief Tim Cohoon.

Braintree Police Narcotics teams got a tip that the operation may be happening on Miller Lane. When they searched a property, they found the kitchen, along with laser printers. They believe the equipment was being used to produce and package homemade THC edibles.

Braintree Police say similar products can go for $50 to $60 a bag on the legal market. They think they found more than $100,000 worth of edibles. The products they uncovered had 500 mg of THC in just ten gummies.

“We don’t know if this was accurate or not. We don’t know what other materials are in there, or how they sourced the THC,” says Deputy Chief Cohoon.

This the second underground cannabis operation that has been busted in the Boston area in recent weeks. Salem Police discovered what they call an illegal edibles shop operating out of the home of Michael Bradley. They were even able to discover business card for the operation.

“We essentially placed a phone call, and were able to purchase whatever we wanted,” explained Salem Police Lt. Kristian Hanson. “Product like this contains 20 edibles, and that could be passed around the classroom. Suddenly you have a major issue on your hands.”


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