Malaga: Van driver intercepted with 27 bales of hashish at Calahonda-Mijas exit of AP-7

A van driver pulled over by the police at the Calahonda-Mijas exit of Malaga’s AP-7 motorway was found to be transporting 27 bales of hashish.

As reported by the National Police on Saturday, July 23, officers intercepted and arrested a van driver who was discovered to be transporting 27 bales of hashish. The man was detained after leaving the AP-7 motorway at the Calahonda-Mijas exit in Malaga province.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, July 13, and the judicial authorities have since sentenced the man to prison for the crime of drug trafficking. His total load of hashish weighed 928.8 kilograms.

His arrest came after ‘Operation Twister’ was initiated. Officers from the Organised Crime group of Fuengirola National Police Station detected a van which first raised their suspicions while travelling along the AP-46 motorway, in Alto de la Pedrizas.

Although the vehicle was intended for the transportation of passengers, it was empty, yet its rear end was very low to the ground, suggesting it contained a heavy load. The officers made a decision to continue surveillance on the van.

After leaving the vicinity of the Costa del Sol town of Fuengirola, the driver headed along the AP-7 motorway along the coast, eventually turning off at the Calahonda-Mijas exit in the direction of Marbella. At this point, the police decided to block and intercept the van.

After identifying themselves to the driver, the officers immediately verified a distinct smell coming from inside the vehicle. A subsequent inspection of the van uncovered the 27 bales of hashish, wrapped in burlap. The driver was immediately arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking, as reported by

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