Euro News reports…

Officers from the National Police discovered the farm which was allegedly selling hashish in Malaga.

Police have arrested the owner of the plot, the tenant and two other people who were the caretakers of the property.

Two men of Spanish nationality, one of Venezuelan nationality and the other of Gambian origin, have been detained by the police in Malaga in an operation to bring down drug dealing.

The investigation following tip offs to the police about a farm next to the Jaboneros stream in Malaga city, whose owners were allegedly using it to sell hashish.

Investigators reportedly confirmed buyers were visiting the farm, before police searched it and identified the people who were inside, including the the owner of the plot, the tenant and two caretakers.

During the search, they found numerous hashish tablets, containers with remains of narcotic substances and other items to prepare the drug for sale.

Police say they confiscated 6,140 grams of hashish, 52 cartridges without ammunition, €1,215 euros and other items for the preparation of the narcotic.