The Guardian reports……..The freedom with which drug dealers have been trading in one of the busiest areas of east London has inspired a local community to mount a satirical fightback by installing street signs designating “crack pickup” points and telling drivers to “give way to oncoming drug dealers”.

The signs went up on Sunday morning close to the nightlife hub of Shoreditch, where people living in the area have complained that they can witness 10 drug deals a day on street corners. Dealers speed through narrow streets in cars and on motorcycles and mount the pavements, locals have said.

On one street, residents painted a parking bay marked “Drug dealers only” and on another they erected a “No cars” sign which said the same thing.

“In the last two to three years it has become a huge problem,” said Penny Creed, vice-chair of the Columbia Road Tenants’ and Residents’ Association, which commissioned the signs. “Drug programmes have been cut, mental health programmes have been cut, and it’s a perfect storm.”

The signs were removed by the London borough of Tower Hamlets within 24 hours, which Creed said was swift given that an alleged dealer’s car smashed into a bollard some weeks back and it was yet to be fixed.

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