Yep we know that feeling !

The BBC reports…

Like most of us at the beginning of lockdown, Reece had big plans about what he and his partner would do with the extra time.

They were going to paint the decking and the house as well as upholstering the furniture.

“Now, 10 weeks later, we’ve given up doing that,” he told BBC Scotland’s Unlocked podcast .

As hairdressers, the couple have gone from full-time employment to being at home all day every day.

Boredom soon started to creep in and that brought with it some lifestyle changes.

“Before lockdown we’d have a couple of joints around the weekend,” he said. “After lockdown it was becoming every day.

“We used to wait until about 8 o’clock at night. But then it got to one o’clock, three o’clock in the afternoon and we thought, ‘should we be smoking it this early?’.

“But then we thought ‘there’s nothing else to do, we’re stuck in the house, so why not?’.”

Reece said: “I’ve noticed that I’ve even started putting more weed in my joints so it’s basically all just pure marijuana now.”

Reece’s experience in not unique.